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[Opinion] What Is The `Mind` of MDP?

Posted April. 02, 2002 08:59,   


Ideological conflict between candidates Rhee In-Je and Roh Moo-Hyun, who are presidential candidates of Millennium Democratic Party (MDP), is heating up.

The view of watching it is also various.

There is opinion of uselessness that `what is the use of the dispute regarding the left and the right in this world` as well as it is natural to be sensitive on ideological dispute which the North and the South is confronting.

When we count the party as left and right according to ideology and policy, usually the extreme left party which is located in the far left is the Communist party.

The extreme right party, which is in the far right, is Fascist party.

Candidate Rhee insists that candidate Roh belongs to far left than Europe leftists` means that he is near to communists, summarily.

“The plutocrats should be dissolved. Let government buy property and shares of the plutocrats and distribute to labors¡°. “let`s make an effort for the world that the labor is owner”.

It is a fact that such speech of candidate Roh faces rejection.

Candidate Roh is trying to avoid it, saying, “ current thought is different from the then speech. Ideology offensive is a method which some extreme rightists press, Grand National Party (GNP), military dominant regime and unfair vested rights utilize always”, however, it seems hard to avoid.

Power battle between the runner who is trying to catch ankle and the runner who is trying to avoid it is likely to get more violent.

If we see it as an observer, sometimes, it is doubtful that candidate Roh`s ideology is really like that and sometimes it raises a thought that candidate Rhee behaves rudely.

The time when ideological conflict between the two runners inflamed is when the power struggle between candidate Rhee, who was superior and candidate Roh, who was inferior, overturned.

In case superiority of candidate Rhee carried on as before then would such ideological conflict started really?

However judging whether it is only colorist or not should be done by voters.

It is the task of voters whether argument for verifying ideology is useless this time or whether there are unqualified factors for presidential candidate regarding ideology or not.

Therefore entire self-protection of two runners targeting choice of voters is natural.

If we criticize it as confusing the atmosphere of primary it would be narrow mindedness.

MDP also can`t be free from such severe ideological conflict between the two.

Parties of each nation in the world moves to left and the right like Pendulum clock.

Most parties are moderate right or moderate left.

In addition `the width of movement` that moves to the left and the right is becoming narrow because the trend of the voters rushes for the middle.

MDP is also a party for people and is based on middle class not the party that urges particular ideology.

MDP is not a party that displays innovation or radical reformation, but a party that has color of progressiveness and conservatism simultaneously

Recently even political reformation that collapsed the wall of MDP occurred.

It means to reform the party thoroughly.

It is not a story to be ignored.

The insistence has been concealed under the surface due to indications that it is not a proper time, however, inquiry of people doesn`t disappear.

There is no option but to keep quite as it can be mistaken that you are supporting particular runner as well as in order for MDP to maintain the fever of primary which has inflamed.

However, ideological conflict between the two runners is related to identification of MDP, too.

MDP should disclose its stance any time.

If ideology of the party is different to the candidate`s persistence, then, it is abnormal situation like `candidate separate, the party separate`.

Then, it can`t be politics by the party.

Nam Chan-Sun (Editorial Writer)