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North Korea Hiding Nukes in Underground Bunkers

Posted March. 30, 2002 08:48,   


World Tribune (www.worldtribune.com), an Internet newspaper specialized in international affairs cited a U.S. official on the 28th that North Korea continues to conceal nuclear weapons and fissile material in underground bunkers.

And the paper reported that U.S. administration has obtained information indicating that North Korea possesses at least three nuclear bombs as well as an undetermined amount of fissile material, and the material is being stored in underground bunkers kept off-limits to both the United States or the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

In addition, U.S. officials said that North Korea might have used Yongbyon and other facilities for tests on the weaponization of long-range missiles capable of reaching the United States.

Meanwhile, U.S. press reported that U.S. intelligence sources are estimating that Iran is preparing to accept delivery of North Korean gunboats, which will be converted into guided-missile naval vessels

Ki-Heung Han eligius@donga.com