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Full Blossomed Apricot Flowers Stood Like a Flower Temple

Full Blossomed Apricot Flowers Stood Like a Flower Temple

Posted March. 28, 2002 09:45,   


I arrived at Mt. Chogye through a lake parkway surrounding Lake Sangsa, via Seungju in Suncheon City, Cholla. The wind from the forest of Sun-Am Temple was still fresh even under the terror of hwangsa (yellow sand clouds). Thanks to the rain of the night, the crimson petals of azalea were much more attractive and the wet skins of oriental aborvitae were so smooth. Climbing up the trails along with the valley for about 20 minutes, I passed by cemetery pagodas and wooden totem poles and finally encountered a rainbow bridge, Seung-Sun Gyo: the bridge of a Buddhist Temple. Isn`t it the bridge to lead us to Dosol-cheon, crossing over the hills of suffering, to guide us from our profane life in this world to the land of Buddha, Nirvana? You should cross Seun-Sun Gyo to meet with Buddha in Sun-Am Temple or Neung-Hur Gyo to meet with Buddha in Song-Gwang Temple over the mountain. A person who has a eye to see through the water might acquire of wisdom only by looking down the water from the bridge: the word of Buddha, ¡°there is no thing fixed.¡°

You should cross Seung-Sun Gyo to reach Sun-Am Temple. However, it became a sight for the passersby since a paved road was constructed. It was difficult even to walk along the old path, which was blocked because of the danger of collapse. It was regretful that I couldn`t even see the famous harmony of the rainbow bridge with Kangsun-Ru tower.

The way to the Entrance Gate was covered will short tea plants standing in a row. The tea plants have been friends with Zen masters and their followers who honestly practice asceticism to acquire the enlightenment even forgetting the flowing time. The tea plant forest was connected to cedar forests, where `Sam-In dang` made by Dosun, the Great Master (862 C.E.) is located. A tea café `Sungak dang` was right next to the lake.

The inner Temple area passing through the Entrance Gate was like a grand stairway to the Heaven made of antique temple buildings such as Burmjong-gak, Daewoong-jeon, Palsang-jeon. The old apricot tree trunks covered with lichens silently showed the history of the old temple.

The temple area is like a flower palace. The precinct of the temple is covered with the flowers of magnolia and the red petals from the old camellia trees. Branches of old apricot trees nearby a wall behind Daewoon-jeon are showing off their gorgeous postures. The trees created a flower tunnel there. The temple will be clothed in the flowers continually blossom and scattered until April. The Spring of Sun-Am Temple is such a splendor.