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1:5 Adults Cautioned for Obesity

Posted March. 27, 2002 09:10,   


One out of five adults is suffering from obesity who needs prompt treatment according to the result of survey.

According to the statistics of National Health Insurance Corporation on 26th, 903,000 persons that are 17.8 percent of 5,070,000 examined were found to be suffering from obesity which needed prompt treatment like diet, as a result of medical checkup in the year 2000.

The ratio of people judged as obese among those who received check up as member of Regional Health Insurance reached 27.3 percent and 15.1 percent among office health insurance.

Disease from which caution is needed next to obesity was followed by abnormal blood pressure like high blood pressure (12.3 percent), lipidaemias (9.1 percent) and liver problem (7.2 percent).

The ratio of obesity was found higher in women (20.7 percent) than man (16.5 percent) and according to age, male office health insurance members in 50s recorded the highest such as 20.5 percent.