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[Editorial] People`s Electoral College, Footsoreness Only in 6 Steps

[Editorial] People`s Electoral College, Footsoreness Only in 6 Steps

Posted March. 27, 2002 08:55,   


The primary election of the New Millennium Democratic Party is stumbling. Since it had primary elections in 6 districts out of 16 areas, it seems like getting footsoreness only in 6 steps. It might be natural that a weak competitor drops from the race. However, current situation cannot be understood by such a principle since it stinks of something.

First, it is the conspiracy theory that Rhee In-Jae side that is likely to give up the race argues for. The conspiracy is that the primary election has been operated unfairly by the inclination of the President Kim`s mind to the Roh Mu-Hyun side. The suspicion itself is a serious damage to the primary election no matter what the truth is. Therefore, the Rhee side must reveal the reality of `the invisible hand,` not just spreading suspicions. If the conspiracy theory proved true, people will not be tolerant of such unfair competition.

Second, the primary election of the party is also seriously influenced by localism. The reason why Mr. Rhee, currently first runner of the race, came to consider of dropping from the race was directly affected by the resignation of Kim Joong-Kwon, judging that the competition would be meaningless when Mr. Roh became an only runner from the Yongnam area. The meaning of the primary election may be lost in the situation strongly influenced by localism. However, this primary election revealed that any politician couldn’t be freed from the localism. If it is the reality, an effort to overcome the localism is strongly recommended rather than blaming the localism.

Whether Mr. Rhee gives up the competition or not, the primary election of NMDP might have to go through a rocky road. It is very regretful that the political experiment that had attracted the people failed in the middle of its way, without overcoming `the limitations of localism and a small land.`