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“Mass in Memory of Ahn Chung-gun at the Same Time of Execution at Myong-dong Cathedral”

“Mass in Memory of Ahn Chung-gun at the Same Time of Execution at Myong-dong Cathedral”

Posted March. 26, 2002 10:09,   


The date of Mar. 26th this year is the 92nd anniversary for Ahn Chung-gun to have died for our country at Lui-shung Prison after killing Ito Hirobumi at Halbin, China. On that day of Mar. 26th, 1910, there was held a mass for him at Myong-dong Cathedral. It was turned out true that postcards to his memory were so popular among Korean people after his execution.

Specialist for Ahn Chung-gun, Choi Seo-myon, also director of Int`l Korea Research Center, found out those facts from Japanese daily newspaper `Chosun Newspaper`, issued those times in Seoul, to announce at the regular meeting of Society for the Study of Ahn Chung-gun in Tokyo on 24th.

It was written that “Assassin Ahn Chung-gun was executed at Lui-shung Prison” on the date of 26th. However a mass was held for him at the same time at Kyung-sung Bulguk Kyohoidang (the old name for Myong-dong Cathedral), says on Mar. 27th, 1910.

Also “There are people selling postcards titled `Loyalist Ahn Chung-gun` and also a lot of pseudo-patriots trying hard to buy them. It has been decided to prohibit the sale and to seize any postcards discovered since it inspires a dangerous idea disturbing public peace and order.” dated Mar. 31, five days after he died.

On Apr. 6th, after six days, it says, “There are already more than 300 postcards seized in Pyongyang province. People including students are still going to shops in those area. Many people are even buying frames to preserve it.

On the date of Nov. 11th, 1909, after Ahn was arrested, it describes his feature in the picture obtained for investigation by the Residency-General, “eyebrows are thick, the eyes shone, lips compressed… looking generally sharp…”

Director Choi said, “Since Chosun newspaper was issued for Japanese in Seoul, it is possible that it is more accurate than the other Japanese newspaper, based in Japan including Tokyo, with telegraphic message.” Also, “There are a lot more to be found out about his records, and we should not neglect more research as well as events in memory of Ahn Chung-gun.”