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[Editorial] Labor Unions Strength Contest Causes Concern

[Editorial] Labor Unions Strength Contest Causes Concern

Posted March. 25, 2002 09:32,   


Strength contest between government and some labor unions is turning serious.

People are uneasy as KEIPU, which has continued strike for one month, and newly inaugurated National Official labor union, are conflicting with the government.

People are concerned about whether it might be an apple of social confusion before the two big elections and World Cup Football.

Government will dismiss KEIPU in case they do not return to work till 25th, 9:00 A.M, however, KEIPU is protesting strongly.

Senior group, Korean Confederation of Trade Union (KCTU) is threatening, against this decision stating that it will begin comprehensive strike from 26th.

Secondly, National Official labor union, which is official labor union, suddenly held its opening foundation ceremony, however, leaders are being arrested or are subject of arrest and registered officials are also subject of punishment, therefore, conflict with government is inevitable.

If punishment and protest is ill-circulated, it can cause a big confusion in National affairs.

It is impossible to overturn by power, privatization law, passed in National assembly before.

And the officials, who are not general employees but in special positions, violated law by inaugurating labor union, which is unreasonable.

Such conflict between government and labor unions should not continue any more.

Unless this problem is solved out now, `spring battle` would be more stronger and virile labor unions will raise their voices more.

Then, Korean national image, that is trying to leap one-step more through international events like World Cup and Asian games, and national competitive power will fall down.

Especially, separate parties with same interest groups and group selfishness can grow more, till elections, I am concerned.

We should prohibit catastrophe.

Labor unions should realize that the attitude to solve out everything through physical power can`t make them understood as well as get people`s support.

Government should not lose the attitude, till the end, to follow principle strictly as well as to try and solve out the matter peacefully.