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[Editorial] `Yellow Dust Disaster`, Why No Measures?

Posted March. 23, 2002 09:02,   


Even though the worst yellow dust storm in history covers up the nation, government is watching with folded arms.

If government stays idle on `national disaster`, in which national people are suffering, elementary schools are closed and farm house near aircraft industrial area are getting harmed, it doesn’t need exist.

If government was working properly, shouldn`t it hold meetings for measures, which is such a common thing?

Yellow dust storm is too serious to just stay back and clarify reasons and present analysis of the situation.

`Response like weather forecast` that prospects when dust storm will steady and presents density of minute dust contained, is not the solution.

Density of minute dust in this dust storm soared up to 30 times than average environmental standards.

It has become difficult to endure despite yellow dust being just dust storm.

As China promotes its industrialization, experts point out that yellow dust which comes from China contains pollution substances such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, etc.

Negative advice, `if possible, reduces outdoor activity`, can`t keep national health any more.

Government should arrange comprehensive measures in order to reduce damage from dust storm.

It should hurry up as China prospects that big scale yellow dust storm will occur

3~4 times more in magnitude during spring, therefore at least 15 days will be affected more.

It is a big duty of government to make people breathe comfortably.

Korean government should demand measures from China government.

Substantial measures for yellow dust are to prevent China and Mongolia become desert and its methods are to establish windbreak forest; we know that it will take a long time.

However, if we tell China to look at our damage by dust storm and demand measures such as establishing forest, might be still faster.

Especially, if China pays attention to reduce pollution material, it can be solved out soon, I presume.

To request international organization like UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) to solve out the yellow dust storm matter is also one of the measures that government can choose.