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[Editorial] President Lee H.C. Look at the Substance of Crisis

[Editorial] President Lee H.C. Look at the Substance of Crisis

Posted March. 22, 2002 09:01,   


What we are concerned about is that, it is reported that China and North Korean authorities are searching for North Korean Defectors (NKD) on an extensive scale and are repatriating them forcibly.

It is really painful thinking of NKD situation.

Above all else, viewpoint of China government is so wrong.

China government defines NKD as `those who crossed the border illegally`, however, global society knows that it can`t be defined simply like that.

The matter of NKD is directly connected to the basic rights for living, not at the level of `law`, if we see their motive of defecting from North and their situation.

The reason why each organization is helping NKD voluntarily is due to such substance of NKD matter.

If China ignores the human rights matter of NKD purposely because of the relationship with North Korea, it is narrow minded opinion not like that belonging to a big country.

China government must be knowing clearly how NKD`s, who are repatriated forcibly, are treated in North Korea.

Nevertheless, China government urges that they treat NKD according to the principle of humanism. How can we believe its urging?

Lee Bin, Chinese ambassador in Korea, while evaluating improvement of Korea-China relationship in a breakfast conference on 20th criticized civil groups that support NKD strongly, saying, “extreme minor doesn`t want such improvement.”

However, should their activities, which try to achieve general value for mankind, be criticized only?

Moreover, if China government really wants improvement of Korea-China relationship, it should see the matter of NKD not only through `North Korean viewpoint` but also by balanced attitude that considers relationship with Korea.

I can’t understand even Korean government`s attitude either.

Why can`t Korean government raise an objection to China, which is treating NKD matter one-sidedly?

Is it reading China`s face only because of subtle triangle relationship between South Korea, China and North Korea?

Whether NKD matter is good or not, it has risen up as diplomatic matter that should be solved out by countries concerned, collectively.

Korean government should take up NKD matter to China Government in a more aggressive attitude.

NKD is certainly Korean people.