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Roh, Anti-chaebol Disposition While Rhee, Moderately Conservative

Roh, Anti-chaebol Disposition While Rhee, Moderately Conservative

Posted March. 21, 2002 09:19,   


With `surging popularity of Roh Moo-Hyun`, which shakes up overall map of presidential nomination race, business circles are in a hurry to grasp the situation of the `popularity of Roh`.

Business circles classify the policy lines of these two candidates into `progressive reform (Roh)` and `moderate conservatism (Rhee)`, while they cautiously say it is hard to specifically estimate policies of Roh Moo-Hyun and Rhee In-Je, who are competing for front runner at presidential nomination race of New Millennium Democratic Party, as they have not yet brought campaign promises out.

Frankly speaking, Business circles are `uneasy` with Roh, as he tried to reflect the opinion of labors when he mediated between labors and management at the spot of labor disputes.

▽Business circles` basic view on the two candidates = A high official of the Federation of Korean Industries(FKI) said, “business policy of Roh is far from the opinions of FKI demanding annulment of the restriction on total investment volume for other companies and nomination of top 30 groups, and opposing to the introduction of class action lawsuit. For the class action lawsuit system, Roh insists that it should extend the scope of objects step by step, which worrying business circles, which hate this system.

On the contrary, the opinion of Rhee is in the middle of those of business circles and Roh. He thinks that the restriction on total investment volume for other companies should be `improved to final annulment`, and `basically agrees` on the class action lawsuit system but thinks that it `requires measures against misuse`.

▽Business circles worries about Roh = There are analyses that the policy of Roh resembles the demand of civil bodies for most part.

A representative of restructuring division of group A said, “judging from the policy line of Roh, Roh`s policy on conglomerates might be harder than hard line policies of current government at the early stage. Roh is not yet approved of his capability in economy. ”

An official of an electronics company said, “Roh`s policies give us an impression that he gives more weight to distribution and equality than development. ”

However, present evaluation and worries of business circles on Roh depend on the personal image rather than on the drastic verification.

An official of economic body said, “the evaluation of personal disposition and character of Roh is not completed yet. It is too early to say something, as campaign promises are not specified yet. ”