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Conflicts Between Mainstream-Non mainstream factions of GNP

Conflicts Between Mainstream-Non mainstream factions of GNP

Posted March. 21, 2002 09:16,   


The inner conflicts of the Grand National Party is becoming more heated by the withdrawal of Lee Boo-Young, the vice president of the party, and Kim Young-Chun, chairperson of the cooperation committee, protesting against the measures that party`s president Lee Hoi-Chang revealed at the press conference previous day.

Vice President Lee announced that “I expected president Lee to make a special decision fully acknowledging the critical situation of the party. However the countermeasures provided by Mr. Lee were only a beginning of another problem. It cannot be a resolution for the current situation. I am resigning from the vice presidency of the party since I have nothing more to do for the party`s settlement.”

However, the two lawmakers declared, “the resignation has nothing to do with defections from the party.”

Reps. Kim Deok-Ryong and Hong Sa-Deok left for a three-day trip to China but their aides said, “they may eventually have no choice but defections.” A source from Rep. Kim said, “Rep. Kim will express his plan after returning from his trip to China.”

However, president Lee H.C. expressed his strong will to go through the confrontation by the non-mainstream fraction at a supporting association meeting of the party`s Kangwon chapter in Chuncheon, stating “I had pondered on the countermeasures before making a decision. Once the decision is made, I will move on confidently.”

Association for Future, a meeting of young chairpersons of party`s chapters, held an urgent meeting and released an announcement, which reads “the countermeasures that president Lee presented are far from the expectation of the people for the political reformation. The party leaders must approach this issue from the perspective what the people want.”

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