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[Editorial] The Reason Why `DJ Appointment` Is Criticized.

[Editorial] The Reason Why `DJ Appointment` Is Criticized.

Posted March. 21, 2002 09:03,   


Reformation of the Korean Horse Affairs Association (KHAA), which divided staff according to their birth place, their propensity to politics, and fired them, asks us which era we are living in.

It reminds us of the 6.25 Korean War that divided your side, my side in places which was occupied by communism and killed each other.

Although KHAA issue occurred 3 and half years ago what we pay attention to is the then KHAA managing group composed of people originating from particular region.

The Chairman was a reserve general from Honam region, Vice Chairman was former Vice-Chief of President Kim Dae Jung`s secretariat, and inspector designation was occupied by sponsor of Kim Dae Jung Peace Foundation for Asia Pacific Region, who had made too much trouble.

Therefore, it is natural for such a thing to happen.

They of course went through selection and appointment procedure formally, but in fact they were parachute personnel whom Cheong Wa Dae appointed exerting its power.

Therefore, President Kim`s appointment of close people or people belonging to particular region, is hard to avoid criticism in connection with this situation.

Favored personnel of KHAA can`t be overlooked at all as it can worsen especially regional emotions.

If we see distribution of first and second grade staff according to birthplace, who was dismissed by force, 11 were from Yong Nam and 2 from Honam region, therefore, these personnel can’t be called as personnel by capacity at any cost.

We know that region favored personnel has been appointed in most government organizations and public industry, or Government invested organizations.

It didn’t come on surface however; so many people were scarified by KHAA style under the pretext of reformation.

Administrators, think about how they, who were eliminated according to region feels.

Although this issue has already passed, favored personnel of KHAA should be corrected by any means, and judicial authorities should seek measures aggressively to punish them by law, who carried out such kind of appointment.

It can at least be compensation from heart for underserved sacrifices and prevention from relapsing of similar scandals.