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[Editorial] How on Earth Can `Brazen Faced` Be?

Posted March. 20, 2002 09:04,   


Jeong Gyun-Hwan , floor leader of NMDP criticized Cha Jeong-il, Special prosecutor team, saying, “ it is committing severe violation of law without any morality”

It means that SP is combing out everything beyond the range of `Lee Yong Ho gate` and leaks it to the press.

Leader Jeong resistance is that to widen tracking range by themselves is misfeasance and to leak it to the press is suspicion of publication of criminal scandal.

Who gets angry with whom, I do not understand.

Every body knows that revealing `Lee Yong-Ho`, which was concealed by the prosecution, even this much is a great achievement of SP.

Moreover, it is overwhelming opinion that as it is still insufficient, so, it should be revealed entirely even by extending term.

However, floor leader of ruling party has rejected extension of SP`s term and now, he is mentioning even` morality and violation of law`.

There is no such `brazen face` in people`s eyes.

` Lee Y.H. Gate` that is revealed by SP investigation, is typical political compromise scandal in which main power organizations, such as National Intelligence Service, the Prosecution, Financial Supervisory Service, etc were fully mobilized and President`s nephew-in-law, executive of the foundation who is from `President deacon` and true brother of the Prosecutor General are also involved.

Even President`s son is suspected of direct-indirect involvement.

It can`t be investigated by limiting only to just stock manipulation and lobby suspicion.

According to leader Jeong, SP should pretend ignorance and to keep quiet on issues outside SP`s investigation range.

Then, if SP is like that, then what is the difference between SP and `politics, the prosecution` which tried to conceal and shrink investigation.

What is immoral is corrupted `kkiri kkiri power` and what committed violation of law is also power organization that has favored them.

To criticize SP saying that it is beyond their investigation area, and it leaks to press, causes only doubtfulness that it is `political intention` to prevent suspicion of compromise to expand till `things that should not be seen`.