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Han Hwa-Gap Dropped from Primary Election

Posted March. 20, 2002 08:59,   


Mr. Han Haw-Gap, who had participated in the primary election of the New Millennium Democratic Party, announced yesterday that he would drop from the primary election.

By the withdrawal of Mr. Han in addition to Kim Geun-Tae and Yoo Jong-Geun, the runners of the NMDP`s primary election downsized to a quadripartite competition of Rhee In-Jae, Noh Mu-Hyun, Kim Jung-Kwon, and Jeong Dong-Young.

Mr. Han said at his press conference that “I wanted to break through the `no Honam candidacy theory` but I acknowledged that the time has not yet come to me. My decision was made by humbly accepting the will of Kwangu citizens and the party members for the national reconciliation.”

Regarding the result of the poll in Kwangju area where he marked at No. 3 in his home ground, he commented that “it would be better supporting candidates from other areas for the national reconciliation. I have no plan to support any candidate in particular.”

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