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To `Valley Of Hope` Again

Posted March. 19, 2002 08:18,   


Silicon Valley `post-bubble` is buoying again.

Silicon Valley, which was called `death valley` once when internet bubble settled, is getting its technology admitted again as enterprises investment on information technology (IT) is rising due to economic recovery, reported U.S. weekly magazine, Newsweek, as cover story in recent issue (25th).

Venture capital investment that is capital resource in Silicon Valley increased in the last quarter, for the first time since 2000, and IT expenditure of U.S government also rose by 15 percent.

▽ Win through technology= the biggest character of Silicon Valley post- bubble is technology utopia.

If Silicon Valley of latter 1990s was surrounded by internet boom that stressed on industrial, managing aspect by influence of activation of stock market, recent Silicon Valley enterprises that are spotlighted are being evaluated entirely by technology.

In field of technology research in silicon valley that is being spotlighted are five such as Wi-fi, Bio informatics, File sharing , Nanotechnology, Web service, etc.

Wi-Fi system that is being expanded rapidly centered on metropolitan cities like New York, is technology that, if there is adapter within a stipulated area, people can use wireless internet for free.

Currently, up to 20 companies are concentrating on developing Wi-Fi in Silicon Valley.

Bio informatics is the technology to acquire bio- information through computer.

Bio informatics companies that are born in Silicon valley since last June has reached up to thirty besides `DNA lounge`.

Human body information map software, DNA measuring chip, etc, which recently got spotlighted in Bio-technology were invented at Silicon valley.

File sharing is the technology that can legalize free program of file sharing and commercializes it which is like Napster that was sentenced to stop distribution by U.S. court last year.

Nano technology is the technology to make small and minute IT devices like semiconductor chip.

Intel, which is giant of Silicon Valley, succeeded to develop technology to subdivide 250,000 transistors, which is inserted in the existing chip in to 1 billion.

Representatives of Nano technology enterprises are `Nantero`, Alien techonology`, etc.

▽ Returned giants of Silicon Valley=

The reason why Silicon Valley is being spotlighted again is deeply related to the return of famous giants of high technology field one by one.

Steve Wozniak, who co-inaugurated Steve Jobs and Apple computers, inaugurated wireless internet company, `Wonz.com` and concentrates on technology development only.

Besides, Steve Capps, who had left Silicon Valley fed up of internet bubble, as well as developer of `Newton`, a subminiature apple computer and Graham Spenser, who is technology in charge of search engine `excite`, etc are returning, too.

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