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The Negotiation for Extension of the Deadline of Special Prosecutor`s Investigation Failed

The Negotiation for Extension of the Deadline of Special Prosecutor`s Investigation Failed

Posted March. 19, 2002 08:54,   


The ruling and opposition parties held floor leaders` meeting at Congress on the 18th, and discuss the extension of the deadline of the Special Prosecutor`s investigation on `Lee Yong-Ho Gate, ` but failed in reaching agreement.

Hence, Grand National Party (GNP) decided to call plenary session of Congress unilaterally on the 19th and to pass the bill of special prosecutor`s investigation deadline extension. But Kim Jong-Ha, who took the chairmanship from Speaker of Congress Lee Man-Sup in abroad now, expressed opposition that it seems difficult to pass the bill.

In the plenary session, GNP can pass the bill when 2 out of total 5 independent lawmakers agree on the bill.

Lee Jae-Oh floor leader of GNP insisted at the meeting, “we should extend the deadline of investigation, whose deadline is 25th, as high officials` corruptions are being exposed, and many provisions within the scope of special prosecutor`s investigation are not inquired into yet. ”

Chung Kyun-Hwan floor leader of New Millennium Democratic Party, however, opposed to the extension of the deadline, saying, “special prosecutors have investigated sufficiently for over 105 days, and they violated the special prosecution law by exceeding the scope of investigation regulated by the law or opening the investigation to the press. ”

In relation to the terrorism prevention law, both floor leaders of ruling and opposition parties agreed that National Intelligence Service (NIS) would not hold the right to investigate. But they couldn`t arrange compromise to the suggestion of GNP to make the law temporary before and after World Cup Games.

There were differences on the GNP`s claims of inspection of `corruptions of 13 persons, ` who abused political power and inspection of public funds, and MDP`s claim to pass the bill of conversion issue for deposit insurance bonds.

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