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[Opinion] Delighted Runners Who Seek `Themselves`

Posted March. 18, 2002 09:05,   


Kyong Bok palace where 12,000 runners assembled bore a festive look.

Their faces were bright, despite having 42.195 km painful run ahead.

Although saying “oh it is chilly” one after another, they seemed to enjoy fresh spring wind that passed their skin.

Some were running in a row for training their body and some were taking memorial photos in a corner.

Members of Marathon clubs who were calling each other and responding joyfully according to their club`s flag, and acclamation of families who came to cheer them up….

It seemed impossible to control and make them stand at one starting line.

12,000 participants buoyed in festive mood.

As the reason for running was different, they seemed to have their own starting line and running road.

In order to keep their numerous ways at one place, which they have been running in their life so far, they had to be collected at one starting line.

They were 12,000 energy mass that dashed and rushed, until they came in front of Sejong Center for Performing Arts, which was starting point, following a drum and fife band.

Their fever and excitement overwhelmed stiffened tensions of elite runners who were in front and made people cheer awkwardly.

Truly, can they finish the game in good order?

30 seconds before the count for start began, I couldn`t get rid of such uneasiness.

However, the atmosphere changed suddenly with short signal `Tang! `.

They began to run briskly making one wave.

They became one from the moment they put first step on the road, and they became expressionless, as if they didn`t know fresh spring wind, and memorials were calling them.

They were running in accustomed silence.

Nothing was new. They just ran listening to their heart beat soundly and following the guidance of the road.

From Gwang Hwa gate Junction to Jasmil stadium, runners became completely one on the roads.

The modernists who are isolated from god, others, and even themselves.

We, who are floating in flood of meaningless words in dreadful speed, are isolated and unfortunate.

In comparison to it, aren`t runners, who can communicate with others in silence and look in themselves even for a short while, happy?

While delighted runners were running for joyful scud, elite players were struggling brandishing the name of their country on their shoulders.

There were many enemies whom they should have defeated.

They should put aside the dreadful rivals who were running with them at any cost.

For the sake of it, they should conquer new roads that come into their eyes, and control the desire to proceed by kicking them away.

They should throw their body to solitary match giving up happiness to run by becoming one, in order to achieve glorious laurel crown.

The laurel crown was won by Japanese Atsushi Fujita, and second position was won by Spanish Kamel Ziani Huasisi and our proud, Im Jin-Soo received the third position.

I give congratulations to Fuzita who showed skillful capacity by controlling pace, and gave hands unsparingly to Im Jin-Soo`s


The fight showed by Korean Im Jim-Soo was brilliant, as compared to many players, who were favorites, however they gave up by falling into trap of over pace or didn`t reach their highest records.

Although he was running with players who were record holders of 2 hours 6~7 minute, which was remarkably different from his, he did his best till the final spot without losing pride.

I hope that Im Jin-Soo, who got real glory by wining the fight with himself, was the light of hope of Seoul citizens who gave generous cheer to Dong A marathon.

Jo Min-Hee (Novelist)