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Former Wife of A Red Army Member Testified the Kidnap of Japanese Student

Former Wife of A Red Army Member Testified the Kidnap of Japanese Student

Posted March. 14, 2002 08:53,   


The relation between North Korea and Japan takes a new turn, as the former wife of a Red Army member, who had taken over Arimoto Keiko (aged 23 then), who were studying in London, England, to North Korea in 1983, testified at Japanese court the motive and process of kidnap and the life in North Korea.

The testifier is Yao Mekumi (46), former wife of a Red Army member, who hijacked Japanese airliner Yodo in 1970, and she was arrested in 1988 immediately after returning to Japan for the suspicion of forgery of a private document. She appeared as a witness for the prosecution at the trial for the wife of another Red Army member who had been arrested for the violation of Passport Act.

She said at the court, “ a leader of Red Army asked me to look for a 25 year old Japanese woman for a marriage partner of kidnapped Japanese, and I approached Arimoto. I was told that other wives of Red Army members had kidnapped 2 Japanese men. ”

According to her testimony, around 30 persons including 4 persons out of 9 suspects for Yodo case, their wives and children are still living at Pyongyang vicinity, so-called `Japan Revolution Village`.

According to the source of concerned police, the village has sauna, shops of exclusive use, clinics and movie theaters, and some tens of North Korean work for cooking, cleaning and washing laundry. Mercedes with chauffeur is equipped. Managing trade companies based in North Korea and writing books, the members of Red Army is continually criticizing Japan.

For this matter, Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro repeatedly said on the 12th, “there will not be negotiations for North Korea-Japan amity without settling North Korea’s kidnapping Japanese. ”

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