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Kim Sung-Hwan Managed 700-800 Million Won

Posted March. 14, 2002 08:45,   


The Special Prosecution team (SP) is investigating on the sources and the uses of 700-900 million won found in hidden accounts of Kim Sung-Hwan, which are allegedly related to Kim Hong-Up.

SP is tracing the money whether it is related to Lee Yong-Ho or Lee Soo-Dong or it is delivered to Kim Hong-Up on the one hand and trying to locate Kim Sung-Hwan on the other hand. In response, the Kim Dae-Jung Peace Foundation commented, “the newly found account of Kim Sung-Hwan under the name of others belongs to Kim Sung-Hwan but has nothing to do with Kim Hong-Up or KDJPF.”

SP decided to summon a high prosecution official who had frequent phone calls with Mr. Lee S. D., revealed by an analysis of the mobile phone call records of Lee S. D., in terms of the suspicion that a high official of prosecution leaked the information of the prosecutors` investigation to Lee S. D. in November last year.

SP also filed a testimony that Lee Yong-Ho carried out 600 million won by 100 million won in a golf suitcase each for 6 times from May 11th, 2000, when he was released from the prison. SP is trying to figure out the persons who played golf with Mr. Lee Y. H. to investigate whether the money was flown into the political circle for lobbyist activities. SP is noting on the possibilities that Lee Y. H. gave the money to the related persons in the Prosecution and the Finance Supervisory Service when they playing golf, considering that Mr. Lee was under the investigation of Prosecution and FSS at that time.

Meanwhile, SP indicted Chung Sang-Gyo (39), the actual owner of Lady Furniture Co. Ltd., for the charge of receiving 200 million won from Lee Yong-Ho in relation to the issue of overseas convertible bonds of KEP Electronics in July 1999.

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