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Cross Application Is to Be Difficult

Posted March. 14, 2002 08:42,   


The restrictions for cross application will be strengthened in the college application process in 2003, anticipating more difficulties in cross application for the student who take exams in other fields of the Korean Scholastic Aptitude Test (KSAT) to the natural science and engineering area.

In addition, many colleges are planning to put more weight on the scores of related areas rather than reviewing total scores.

5 Dental Schools in the universities that will establish specialized graduate schools from next year, including Seoul National University, Kyunghee University, Kyungpook University, Chonnam University, and Chonbuk University, and 2 Medical School in Konkuk University and Gachon Medical School will not choose students for undergraduate programs and Chungbuk University and Kyunghee University that are planning to operate the medical schools and specialized graduate schools will reduce the admitted students in half.

Korean Council For University Education released `Plan For 2003 University Entrance Selection` for 191 colleges nationwide except for Seoul National University.

At the student selection in 2003, the competition rate is expected to down to 1.32:1 because the universities are planning to select 6038 students more, total 379,992 students.

31.1 percent of the total admissions (118,332 students) will be issued throughout the year (12,823 for the first semester by 66 universities and 105,509 for the second semester by 165 universities) and the rest (261,590) will be selected at the fixed entrance exam selection.

28 universities including Yonsei University and Pusan University out of 149 universities that select students for the natural science and engineering will prohibit the cross application. 4 schools that allow the cross application will select students for the natural science and engineering in advance. 113 universities will weigh 1-4 percent over the scores of the students who took an SAT for natural science and engineering.

No Medical schools allow cross application without condition this year. 16 schools prohibit cross application at all, 9 medical schools select students who took a SAT for natural science, and 25 schools will weigh scores of the student who took the natural science SAT.