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Roh Mu-Hyun, Rhee In-Je, and Kim Joong-Kwon in Ranking

Posted March. 11, 2002 10:32,   


Roh Mu-Hyun and Rhee In-Je had a keen competition for the top in the Millennium Democratic Party`s (MDP) primary races in Jeju and Ulsan, which was held on 9th and 10th.

Ñ The results of Jeju and Ulsan primary = By winning 298 votes (29.4 percent) out of 1,012 votes in Ulsan, Roh became the first with 423 votes (25.1 percent) in total. He was the third by obtaining 125 votes (18.6 percent) out of 671 votes in Jeju.

Receiving 172 votes (25.6 percent, second) in Jeju and 222 votes (21.9 percent, third) in Ulsan, Rhee follows Roh with 394 votes (23.4 percent) in totol, 29 votes behind.

Kim Joong-Kwon recorded the third with 336 votes (20.0 percent) in total winning 55 votes (8.2 percent, fifth) in Jeju and 281 votes (27.8 percent, second) in Ulsan.

The give-up rate of the electoral college (23.6 percent) was higher than expected.

Ñ Opinion poll in Gwangju area = According to the Donga Ilbo`s opinion poll of the electoral college in Gwangju, where the third primary is planned on 16th, Rhee showed as the first, followed by Roh.

The telephone poll was conducted to 852 people of the electoral college out of the 1932 people (976 delegates and party members, 956 non-party members) in total, on 9th. Among the 644 people who answered to the poll, 226 people (35.1 percent) supported Rhee In-Je as their first choice.

Supported by 177 people (27.5 percent), Roh recorded the second, followed by Han Hwa-Gap (74 people, 11.5 percent) and Chung Dong-Young (34 people, 5.3 percent). Roh was the most favorable candidate for the second choice.

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