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[Editorial] Suspicions of Lee Soo-Dong`s Intervention in Everywhere

[Editorial] Suspicions of Lee Soo-Dong`s Intervention in Everywhere

Posted March. 11, 2002 10:32,   


The corruptions of Lee Soo-Dong, former standing executive of the Kim Dae-Jung Peace Foundation (KDJPF), revealed in the process of the investigation on the Lee Yong-Ho Gate, seems much serious than the corruptions of Lee Yong-Ho himself. The documents about the press reformation and the re-gaining of political power were found in his house and a secret account through which over 1 billion won was managed was found, amplifying the suspicions about him and KDJPF.

A 7-page report of the press reformation concerning the urgent press reformation of the major newspapers to strengthen the government power and to increase the completeness of the reformation and a report about the local newspaper reformation were confiscated from his house. It seems possible that KDJPF was involved in the press reformation or documents made by the government organizations were delivered to him. In any case, it is very difficult to understand why a standing executive of a private corporation should have such a document. The circumstances how Mr. Lee obtained the documents must be clarified.

In addition, there were more solicitation documents found such as an administration measure for the Chief of Naval Operation, a soliciting document for Music director of KBS Symphony Orchestra, an operation of shops in Sangam Stadium. He explained that “he did not make a solicitation for them at all” and Cheong Wa Dae also said with one mouth, “there is no one solicited by Mr. Lee.” But who is going to believe it? It is already revealed that Mr. Lee received 50 million won in terms of the lobbyist activity through Financial Supervisory Service. The bank account under the name of a street cleaner through which over 1 billion won was managed also must be investigated to find out how he made such a big money and to whom the money belongs to.

Special Prosecutor Cha does not have a right to investigate any other suspicion except for the corruptions related to the Lee Yong-Ho Gate. Special Prosecutor Cha is planning to hand over the documents to the Prosecution as he has done by now.

However, the case is too serious to ignore it as a side issue in the investigation of the Lee Yong-Ho Gate. It would be the right way to establish a new special prosecution to reveal the whole suspicions about the corruption cases related to Mr. Lee.