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Presidential Competition Tectonic Is Likely to Change

Posted March. 08, 2002 09:20,   


The New Millennium Democratic Party continues to urge the Grand National Party to reveal the sources of money for the operation of so-called `family town` of GNP president Lee Hoi-Chang in Gahoi-dong Villa. In response, GNP is anticipating additional disclosure of the properties of the Kim Dae-Jung family.

Lee Nak-Yeon, the spokesperson of NMDP, insisted that “even if we accept the explanation that Mr. Lee lived in the 105 pyong villa owned by his father in law, he actually received donation of 470 million won for 47 month rent. He evaded the donation tax if he lived there for free or he violated the government officials ethical code by ignoring the report responsibility for the lease.”

He also raised a question about the sources of money, saying “how could Mr. Lee`s son Jeong-Yeon, who is a volunteer researcher of East West Center at Hawaii University, afford the expenses for the frequent flights to Korea and his family in Hawaii?”

Chang Jeon-Hyung, vice spokesperson of NMDP, also pointed out that “the Gahoi-dong Villa where Mr. Lees live on the third floor, his son`s family on the second, and his daughter`s family on the fourth, is no doubt `a family town.` Since the total size of the two buildings is 315 pyongs, one person is occupying 52 pyongs.”

Meanwhile, Nam Kyung-Pil, the spokesperson of GNP, argued that “the President keeps silent even though the crimes of Lee Soo-Dong, his steward for 40 years and former standing committee member of the Kim Dae-Jung Peace Foundation, and Kwon Rho-Gap, the President`s 40 year chief secretary are clearly revealed. The President must declare the disconnection of his family from the Kim Dae-Jung Peace Foundation.”

He also warned, “if NMDP continue such unreasonable attacks, we may disclose property materials related to the President`s family that we have saved for the Presidential dignity.”

Lee Kang-Du, chairperson of policy committee, asserted that “the undiscriminated power exercise of Lee S. D. over the government organizations is a typical monopoly of national administration, damaging the foundation of the nation. The suspicions related to Mr. Lee are no doubt connected to the President.”

Lee Jae-Oh, the floor leader of GNP, “urged for the special investigation on the core persons of this administration related to the corruption cases such as Lee S. D., Kwon Rho-Gap, and KDJPF. Prosecutor General Lee Myung-Jae must investigate them without exception.”

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