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[Opinion] We Can`t Entrust Our Country to Corrupt Power.

[Opinion] We Can`t Entrust Our Country to Corrupt Power.

Posted March. 07, 2002 09:12,   


What arouses rage of people among political pathology is suspicion of corruption.

Political morality is suffering a blow as suspicious incidents related to President`s relatives are getting revealed one by one and, distance between law and the amount of money that is excepted to be spent by candidates before elections is so big, therefore it is too late to admit `clean politics, clean government` by anyone who gets elected, I presume.

If corruption is sweeping, it causes non-efficiency in political management, disbelief towards government, wastes public resource and decreases desire of enterprise.

In addition, it is common that it makes induction of foreign investment difficult as well as brings political unease.

However, such perceptions are popular judgment which people who are not in politics perceives, in fact, those who are in politics don`t consider such kinds of thought

They think, usually, that corruption plays a role of lubricant for society where social and political changes are occurring rapidly.

Also they think that to measure corruption on a general scale is not reasonable due to cultural and tradition differences.

They event protest that they can`t manage politics by only moral and lawful standards.

There is a claim that it is political suicide to run for elections transparently as long as there are elections.

We can`t help admitting that such perceptions are based on certain realism.

Seeing within the political culture of Korea, it seems that there is no law like law related to politics funds, which is far from reality.

If we see them through such law, all politicians are illegal people without any exception and if politicians say that he doesn`t receive or he doesn`t spend money, we can`t help considering them as hypocrites who are opposite in standards.

However, problem is that exception piles up and it turns out normal.

For example, voters who give hand to them, even it they used to impeach corruption and politicians who accept these hands are proof, for us to say, that abnormality is being admitted as normality.

If this kind of situation deepens extremely, political system would get threatened.

Saying again, if corruption deepens in politics, it reaches social corruption.

It is well known that many philosophers used to discuss the rise and fall of administration based on this and used to seek solutions from history.

Nicolo Machiavelli was one of the famous philosophers among them, who preached Machiavellism.

He resisted that heroic leaders should appear, to protect the country from corruption and his virtuosity should induct moral grounding in people.

This of course can be Utopian method; however, it is reasonable opinion that the highest ruler and surroundings should prohibit social corruption that is brought about by compromise seeking private advantage, by sacrificing public advantage.

President Kim Dae Jung had stated once in some broadcasting that he had received clean money but not dishonest money.

It is strange in stream of Korea politics that the one who is at such level of position discriminates so, however, it is possible that before becoming President, he conceded hundred steps.

Nevertheless, I can`t understand why he, who is in current position, should still maintain organizations like `Kim Dae Jung Peace Foundation for Asian Pacific Region`or `Friends of love`.

That is why, incidents that relatives are involved in some gate get revealed.

Ex-U.K Prime minister, Robert Whirlpool, had settled down the cabinet system through corrupt means, however as compared to us, it results in encouraging social corruption, and that is our history.

Needless to say about the past, if current politicians manage politics in the frame of democracy at low level of people`s democratic political culture, we can`t help admitting it frankly that blind money is somewhat required.

However, even if it were so, we should make an effort in narrowing the range and level from now on.

Resistance of Machiavelli ` we can`t entrust our country to the one who is like Caesar who is a corrupt monarch himself` is judgment that requests our painful choice.

On this point controlling press and civil organization is very important.

We can`t block corrupt power distort the whole social function unless and until civil society is reinforced through press and civil organization.

Noh Jae Bong (Former Prime Minister)