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World Economy Is Gradually Heading up

Posted March. 06, 2002 09:28,   


By the news that the U.S. economy is rapidly recovering, the stock markets in the world are all in bull markets. The composite stock exchange index (CSEI) of Korea jumped up over 840s at first in past 20 months and the U.S. NASDAQ recorded 7 percent hike in past two days.

CSEI was closed at 841.95, which is 7.74 points up after fluctuated repeatedly through the day. Kosdaq was also closed at 83.62 points with 0.58 point gains. The total volume of transaction was 762.95 million stocks in Stock Exchange Market and 492.05 million stocks in Kosdaq.

Foreign investors lead the surging by purchasing 296.3 billion won in Exchange Market and 56.1 billion won in Kosdaq, which was influenced by the hikes of Nasdaq, which closed at 1858.93 (56.19 up), and Dow Jones closed at 10586.82 (217.96 up).

By the bull markets in Korea and the U.S., the stock markets in Asia and Europe all joined in the moves upward. The Hengseng Index of Hong Kong closed at 10964.14, increased by 260.02 points. The stock markets in Taiwan and Singapore also recorded the rise of 1.42 percent and 0.19 percent respectively.

However, Nikkei index downed 101.77 to 11348.45 points by the spread fears after the index reached over 11500 points.

The stock markets in Germany, United Kingdom, and Mexico are all closed with the rise of 2.91 percent, 1.41 percent, and 1.91 percent respectively.

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