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High Speed Internet Connection, Free Through Wireless

Posted March. 06, 2002 09:43,   


“Enjoy high-speed internet wireless.”

If adaptor is installed in a laptop or computer monitor the area where people can enjoy `free internet` wireless without connecting telephone line is being expanded.

The one, who registers high speed connection service of Cable TV Company or DSL which telephone company provides, sends frequency in order to enable neighborhood use free connection through wireless sender.

It is also one of the reasons that Wi-Fi system (called as 802.11), which supports high speed connection in technology, has been supplied rapidly.

If people shift to apartments of Manhattan in New York, U.S. and apply for telephone or internet service, it takes more than one week.

However, if there is Laptop, which has installed adapter in the area where someone has installed Wi-Fi system, internet connection is available immediately.

There are especially many wireless internet networks in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, therefore, people can enjoy free internet easily than other cities.

Internet connectivity for students in Acron University of state Ohio increased 3 times, as it installed Wi-Fi for the whole campus.

Netstumbler.com is providing related information, indicating 10,000 places where Wi-Fi system is installed on the map.

Wi-Fi sender that connects DSL or cable modem at home is being sold at a price up to 150 dollars (around 195,000 won) and computer which has installed adapter up to 80 dollars (around 104,000 won) is able to connect wireless internet within 30 meter radius from sender.

If antenna that costs 40 dollar (around 52,000 won) is installed, available area for connection is expanded several km radius.

One clerk of office depot, which is wholesale shop for stationary, said “sender and adapter is being sold exorbitantly following heat wave of wireless internet connection.”

Seeing increasing population of free internet connection, Time Warner cable, which provides high speed internet connection receiving 40 dollars of service charge per month except modem charge, is protesting that it will file a case, saying, “ it is like cable thief”, however analysis of lawmakers regarding illegality is contradictory to one another.