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[Editorial] Kim Keun-Tae, Who Is The Next Candidate Then?

[Editorial] Kim Keun-Tae, Who Is The Next Candidate Then?

Posted March. 05, 2002 09:15,   


Kim Kuen-Tae confessed that out of 538.72 million won used for his election to the party’s highest position, 245 million won was illegal electoral fund that was not reported at National Election Commission (NEC). The Democratic advisor’s confession makes us reflect on the wrong customs of electoral funds practiced until now.

It, especially, tells us how perfunctory it is to report electoral funds at NEC. Anybody could use enormous money and report reduced, and there would be no politician honorable at this. It seems as if Kim, who is currently participating in selecting the party’s presidential candidacy, wanted to disclose the corruption of the current election process of Democratic presidential candidacy through such example of illegitimacy in the past.

Kim’s reputation is relatively clean, and if he himself used that much money, it would be difficult to predict how much the other candidates have used without reporting at NEC. I believe we should clarify the amount, origin, and details of the money this presidential election’s candidates spent. Kim should also mention details of the money, rather than just speaking of encouragement money or supporting funds vaguely. Especially as the story of former advisor Kwon Rho-Gap giving money to the candidates, then, slowly unveils, the money’s sources and destinations must be clarified.

In relation with what Kim confessed, certain measures must be taken to satisfy NEC or the prosecution. His clear illegality cannot be put aside, just because of the good cause.

I, however, have no objection in that this opportunity should be the turning point of our political culture into a more mature state, where transparency of political funds is secured. As Kim pointed out, no president can be free from corruption, unless transparent political funding is ensured. Then, the first move would be to repair the current rules for political funds, which are both untrustworthy and unsustainable.