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Science and Technology Institute, Guarantees 61 as Retirement Age

Science and Technology Institute, Guarantees 61 as Retirement Age

Posted March. 05, 2002 09:15,   


If it is acted on swiftly, researchers of government institutes will have the security of retirement age from year end.

Also national institute system and annuity for scientists which is in the same level as that of treatment to a person of merit in a country will be promoted.

Chae Yeong Bok, Minister of Science and Technology (MOST) reported work plan of 2002 which contains the above contents to President Kim Dae Jung on 4th.

MOST stated that it will induct `researcher system for retirement age` which secures retirement age till 61 years to excellent researchers in science and engineering institutes in order to improve treatment and raise the morale, as currently morale of scientists is down.

Currently, researchers in government institute have a 3 year contract system, however, if retirement age system is implemented, 10 percent of researchers who makes contract more than 3 times will be guaranteed retirement age.

In addition, contract term for general researchers will be prolonged so that stability can be high.

MOST will promote `national researcher system` among scientists who are admitted for their excellent achievement and have Korean nationality.

Public institutes will be supported certain research expenditure, traffic fare and medical fee, etc and annuity for achievement after retiring.

10 scientists will be chosen per year.

MOST will arrange scientist annuity system so that excellent researchers from government institutes can receive certain annuity every month from retirement till death.

If minor companies recruit PhD level of researchers, MOST will give incentives to the company.

Also MOST will select 100 science students for President`s scholarship every year in order to solve the problem of avoidance of science and engineering field by teenagers and it decided to turn Pusan science high school into Science genius high school.

And, institutes as well as research facility of universities will be opened to students who are in elementary, middle and high school for expansion of opportunity for practical education.

MOST will expand the service training system for new scientists among unemployed MA, PD people so that they can join enterprises or government institutes after training.

Science scholarship for students who are in science and engineering field will be expanded, too.