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Shinsegae Says, “Come, Kookmin Bank!”

Posted March. 05, 2002 09:52,   


Shinsegae Coolcat has defeated a strong rival, Samsung Life Bichumi, to advance to the championship finals.

In the third playoff match of New Kookmin Bank 2002 Women’s Professional Basketball winter league that was held at Jangchung stadium on the 4th, Shinsegae overran Samsung Life’s last-minute chase and won by 63-59.

Shinsegae will fight Kookmin Bank Savers, which is already on the finals after defeating Hyundai in two matches, in the finals from the 6th.

Shinsegae is ahead of Kookmin Bank in the regular league by 3 win 2 lost, and is, therefore, advantageous in seeking its 4th championship title.

The two teams had played close games, 2 point-difference in first match (Samsung Life’s victory) and 3 point-difference in second match (Shinsegae’s victory), and the day’s match was also dramatic. The lead changed 4 times in the fourth quarter alone.

Shinsegae was once leading 12 points in the second quarter, but Samsung managed to overtake by 51-53 in the fourth quarter and was close from winning.

However, it was Shinsegae’s long-distance shots that confirm its victory.

Only 13 seconds after the score reverse, Yang Jung-Ok (11 pts.) made a three-pointer from the left and 24 seconds later, Lee Un-Ju (17 pts. 3 three-pointers)’s another three-pointer from the center swished through the rim.

2 three-pointers instantly reversed the score into 57-53.

That was not all. Jung Sun-Min, who was staying with only 10 points on the day despite her regular league average (22.1 pts.), made a middle-shot thrown from 45 degrees in the right side of the court. When the scoreboard showed 59-53, Jung (14 pts.) raised her right arm and clenched her fist as if victory was definitely ensured.

Samsung managed to chase until 61-59, but fell short.

Tarry Philips’s mistake of traveling under the rim just 1 minute 7 seconds before the whistle was also quite painful.

Although there were more chances to lead the game at least into an extension, Samsung had already used all 3 time-outs and lost without even trying out set-plays.

Chang Jeon jeon@donga.com