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If It Is World Cup, There Is Maradona –Cha Bum Geum

Posted March. 04, 2002 10:16,   


O…According to recent research by VOX, research magazine, conducted a nationwide research in March in which 489 male and female in the age group of 10~30 were chosen as the subject for research.

49.3 percent of respondents chose Cha Bum Geun, ex manager of representative team on the Q, `choose domestic football star who reminds you of World Cup`.

He was followed by Hur Jeong Mu, KBS commentator (17.8 percent) and Choi Sun Ho, manager of Pohang Stealus (11.7 percent).

Maradona (49.1 percent) ranked top surpassing Pele (25.8 percent) among foreign players.

And, for game which they would like to play with foreigners, Yut (49 percent) was higher than Gostop (19.6 percent) and `JSA (Joint Security Area) ` (41.9 percent) and `Shiri` (19.6 percent) were Korean movies which they want to show to foreigners.

O…JAWOC decided to sell `prestige package` after decreasing its price highly, as its sale was dull due to 9.11 attack and economic stagnation.

`Prestige` package is an expensive entrance ticket set, on which they provide drinks and souvenior, etc.

There are 32 kinds of `prestige package` from semi-final entrance set (540,000 yen) to final match entrance set (650,000 yen).

JAWOC sold entrance ticket set of 4 matches, such as two Japanese team matches, semifinal and final match in 1,650,000 Yen in second bargain, however, it will be sold in 30 percent lower price in third bargain.

O… The U.S which will play against Korea in league matches defeated Honduras showing its powerful attack capability.

The U.S completely routed Honduras, 4-0, leading the game thoroughly in a friendly encounter which was held at Seipico field, located in Seattle on 3rd, despite its domestic players playing.

Clint Matis and Landon Donovan led the goal festival scoring two goals in each.

The U.S which is drawing rising curve of 5 wins, 1draw, 1 loss in recent A match, will have friendly game with Equador and Birmingham on 12th again.

Jong-Koo Yang yjongk@donga.com