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Tong Yang, 2 More Victories to Go for the League Title

Posted March. 02, 2002 10:29,   


`Magic No.2`

Tong Yang Orions advanced to the semifinals, and only has 2 more matches left until the regular league title.

Tong Yang claimed victory in the 2001 – 2002 Anycall Professional Basketball match with LG Sakers, which was held at Daegu Indoor Stadium on the 1st. Tong Yang’s Kim Byeong-Chul (29 pts.) put out overwhelming long-distance shots and rebounds to help the team defeat Sakers by 91-86.

Regardless of further matches, Orions has entered the semifinals, to which top two teams of the regular league advance, and widened the gap with the second runner, SK Knights, by 5 victories. Therefore, Orions only have to win 2 out of 5 matches left to gain the regular league title.

Tong Yang’s key feature that crushed LG on the day was with rebounds. When LG’s offense failed to make sufficient scoring chances with 45 Per Cent of shooting success rate, defense rebounds stopped second offensive opportunities, and in for offense, offensive rebounds secured Tong Yang’s own second shooting chances.

Tong Yang was actually losing by 19-25 in the first quarter due to LG’s quick offense, but eventually managed to lead by 50-43 with superior rebound scores of 21-9 in the first half. It sustained leadership under the rim even in the second half, and finished the game with fair victory. Total number of Tong Yang’s rebounds on the day was as many as 46 (15 by Ryan Perryman, 14 by Marcus Hicks, 10 by Jun Hee-Chul), while LG only held 19.

Tong Yang’s such stability under the rim maintained leadership of the game even when Kim Seung-Hyun stepped out of the court in the middle of 3rd quarter because of foul-trouble. Also, Kim Byeong-Chul contributed to a great extent by making 4 three-pointers in times of crisis.

Due to the defeat on the day, LG fell behind KCC Egis and step down to the 5th place.

In the Ulsan match, Korea Tender Prumi defeated Mobis Automons by 93-86 to escape from the 6th consecutive defeat. Its key players were Marlic Evans (13 pts., 10 rebounds) and Jun Hyeong-Su (26 pts., 5 assists)

On the day, Eric Evarts added 19 goals to his total of 2016 goals, and he is now second player to break the 2000- line after Johnny McDowell (SK Bigs).

Korea Tender’s head coach Jin Hyo-Jun and assistant coach Lee Sang-Yoon were absent on the day, as an expression of protest against referee decision in the match with SBS Stars on the 27th. Korea Tender said its coaching staff would not be present until the season’s closing. Coaching staff’s absence is new in the history of Korean Professional Basketball, which is in its 6th season now.

Sang-Ho Kim hyangsan@donga.com