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Head-on collision between Labor Union and Korea Electric Power Industry.

Head-on collision between Labor Union and Korea Electric Power Industry.

Posted March. 02, 2002 10:25,   


The Korea Electric Power Industry sent an ultimatum to members of Labor Union, as the strike has been going on for more than 5 days.

However, Labor side refused this and it has run into deadlock.

Chairman of 5 Electric Power plants held a press conference on the 28th at 11:30 PM and stated that they have ordered the labor to return to work on 2nd by 9:00 A.M and it is `a final note`.

Company side stressed that in case of not returning to work, they will be held responsible for civil as well criminal charges and if necessary, they will think about special employment for experienced employees.

These are the measures in succession, which Shin Guk Hwan, Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry, sent to Lee Ho Dong, Chairman of KEPIUC (Korea Electric Power Industry Union) in a letter that promised employment guarantee on 28th afternoon.

It is analyzed that government is putting pressure on KEPIU.

However, Lee Ho Dong, Chairman of KEIPU reaffirmed his strong protest on a final note saying, “I will order not to return to work to 5,600 labors against the command of government and company”and “if countermeasures for privatization doesn`t change, our strike will go on, too”.

As collective alliance under Korean Confederation of Trade Union (KCTU), which led the negotiations after taking charge of the rights for collective bargaining from KEIPU, returned its right to KEIPU on 28th afternoon, therefore there is no mediator too.

Plan of government that privatization can`t be subject of group negotiation, whereas on the other hand, labor union side is resisting the withdrawal of privatization. Thus, it is difficult to forecast, which way the strike will go.

Yeon-Su Sin ysshin@donga.com