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Male Menopause?

Posted March. 02, 2002 10:29,   


“Drop of male hormone turns confident Tarzans into grumpy wimps. ”

In the research reported in the latest science magazine New Scientist, Gerald Lincoln of the Medical Research Council`s Human Reproductive Sciences Unit in Edinburgh, Scotland said, “drop in testosterone triggers irritable male syndrome like irritation, depression and shedding tears, which are the symptoms just before menstruation. ”

The experiment on ram, elephant and reindeer showed that when the level of testotestrone falls off, these animals show clear signs of `irritate male syndrome` like self-injury or sexual apathy.

Lincoln says, “it is shaky that these phenomena should appear in human being, but the males in low testosterone are rather nervous and perverse. Stresses such as bereavement, divorce or life-threatening illnesses could send testosterone levels plummeting. ”