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[Editorial] Labor Movement Should Be Changed

Posted February. 28, 2002 10:33,   


If we see the negotiation between labor unions and companies of public industries like Railways, it is difficult to understand why labor unions went for illegal strike entailing big sacrifice such as causing national inconvenience and receiving punishment from main leaders.

Withdrawal of privatization of public enterprises couldn`t be the subject of negotiation between labor unions and companies from the beginning.

Labor unions of Railways said that they used to get income through change in work system from one day exchange to two exchanges in 3 mornings; however, it could have been solved out in normal negotiations.

High level organizations such as Korea Confederation of Trade Union (KCTU) and Korea Trade Union (FKTU) paralyzed social functions and shook government by showing their power, and its motive wasn`t pure.

This kind of violent labor movement should be halted.

For whom was this labor movement that confused civil life by comprehensive strike, which included industries that were not related and went on strike even before passing arbitration period which is legislated in law, at public work places which can influence national society?

Strike is the last resort and it should abide by legislated procedures strictly.

There was a time labor movement couldn`t breathe under pressure of iron-fisted rule, however, these days are not the same in which labor movement can get pressurized unfairly.

Labor movement has been enjoying the freedom since June 1987 and has been eating the fruits of growth of labor productivity.

Now labor movement should get separated from violent labor movements, which demands request by violence and illegal methods.

Labor movement that balks and armed with steel pipes paralyzes the traffic, or hurls fire bombs, which is a bloodshed weapon, on policemen has become regular data-photo of CNN.

If it goes on like this, it will exert bad influence on national confidence as well as make foreign investment difficult.

Government shouldn`t concede big principles of economic management such as privatization of public industry, due to illegal strikes.

It is a sorry state that ruling and opposition party showed non-committal attitude on privatization being conscious of votes of labors in major enterprises.

This kind of leadership can`t heal the chronic diseases of Korea economics.