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Lee Soo-Dong Exerted Influence on FSS Two Times in 1999

Posted February. 28, 2002 10:33,   


Special investigative team for `Lee Yong-Ho Gate` on the 27th found out that Lee Soo-Dong former executive director of Peace Foundation for the Asia-Pacific Region had intervened in the investigation of Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) two times in June and November, 1999, when FSS had not yet set to investigation on G&G affiliated company’s manipulation of stock price.

Special investigative team sought an arrest warrant for Lee Soo-Dong, who received 50 million won from Lee Yong-Ho, on the charge of receiving bribe by the Additional Punishment Law on Specific Economic Crimes. Seoul District Court is likely to decide whether or not it arrest Lee Soo-Dong after the examination on the warrant in the morning of 28th.

According to special investigative team, Lee Soo-Dong is alleged to have met Lee Yong-Ho and former outside director of G&G affiliated Interpion Co., Do Seung-hee in June 1999, and having been requested to coax FSS not to investigate Interpion, and to have been requested once more for KEP Electronics in November 1999 and influenced on FSS.

Special investigative team is investigating the possibility that Lee Soo-Dong asked a professor of the University K Mr. Hwang former deputy secretary general of Peace Foundation for the Asia-Pacific Region to transfer the request of Lee Yong-Ho to Kim former assistant governor of FSS, who allegedly accepted the request.

Special investigative team found out the fact that Lee Yong-Ho lobbied earlier before FSS earnestly started the investigation on Interpion Co. and KEP Electronics, and is investigating whether Mr. Kim tacitly permit G&G affiliated companies’ illegalities, and protected them.

Special investigative team announced in the arrest warrant that there is evidence that Lee Soo-Dong plotted together the purpose of the money and the circumstance of returning the money with jailed Lee Yong-Ho.

Special investigative team disclosed the fact that Lee Yong-Ho and Mr. Do visited Mr. Kim in FSS over 6 times around November, 1999, when Lee Yong-Ho started lobbying Lee Soo-Dong to pressure FSS not to investigate the manipulation of stock price, and is likely to summon Mr. Kim sooner or later in order to inquire into the circumstance of solicitation.

Special investigative team is discussing whether Mr. Kim is charged of concealment and destruction of evidence if he is found to have ordered the FSS employee to hide the record of Lee Yong-Ho and Mr. Do’s visiting FSS.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo-Dong reportedly refuted the suspicion saying, “the money of 50 million won was just an allowance without any intention, and I tried to return it later. ”

And Mr. Kim alleged at the telephone conversation with reporters, “I didn’t exert influence on FSS businessmen, and don’t know who Lee Yong-Ho is, and never met him.”

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