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Continuing Turmoil i Congress Concerning `Opposition`s Apology`

Continuing Turmoil i Congress Concerning `Opposition`s Apology`

Posted February. 26, 2002 10:15,   


The ruling and opposition parties agreed to normalize the National Assembly by the negotiations between the secretary-generals of the two parties to resume the interpellation of the Congress that had been interrupted for a week. However, by the protest of NMDP that the apology of GNP for the obstruction of Rep. Song`s speech in Congress was not acceptable, the Congress went astray again.

Therefore, the 227th extraordinary session of the National Assembly is likely to be closed with such turmoil.

The two parties agreed to resume the interpellation after the apology of Lee Jae-Oh, GNP`s secretary general, for the interruption of Rep. Song`s speech and the current crippled operation of the National Assembly.

Secretary general Lee said at his proceeding speech, ¡°the Congress schedule must not be stopped by the emotional conflicts and struggles between the ruling and opposition parties. I am sorry for the interruption of the Congress schedule by the Rep. Song`s speech on 18th.¡°

In response, lawmakers of NMDP strongly protested, saying ¡°apology your violence..¡° ¡°[the Congress schedule] was not interrupted not by the Rep. Song`s speech but by the obstruction of GNP lawmakers.¡° And the President of the National Assembly Lee Mahn-Sup announced the suspension of the meeting.

NMDP lawmakers made clear at the congresspersons general meeting that they will not return to the general meeting until secretary general Lee Jae-Oh makes a humble apology.