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Relation between North-U.S. Might Be Cold as North Refuses Dialogue

Relation between North-U.S. Might Be Cold as North Refuses Dialogue

Posted February. 25, 2002 09:25,   


Two administrations of Korea–U.S will make an effort for resumption of North-U.S. dialogue as well as reinforce co-operation between Korea-the U.S in order to lead North Korea into dialogue, as North Korea refused the suggestion of North-U.S. dialogue.

U.S administration plans to promote repeatedly the resumption of North-U.S. dialouge through Jack Frichard, amnesty of Korea Peninsula peace conference and his contact Park Gil Yeon, representative ambassador of North Korea in U.N.

Government official said on 24th "we should wait for North Korea`s response for a while as the U.S stated repeatedly its stand position regarding dialogue." and "we will think over the counter measures to achieve North-U.S dialogue through the negotiation with U.S."

Government will observe co-event for greeting New Year of the North– South at Mount Keum Gang (26~28th) and will think about counter measures to lead North Korea into dialogue by using fertilizers and food support as mediator.

Also it plans to negotiate the connection between Arirang festival (29 April~29 June) and Mount Keum Gang Tour, in case North Korea suggests aggressively.

On the other hand, Collin Powell, secretary of state in U.S. said at a press conference on 23rd, "U.S. will promote repeatedly the negotiation with North Korea."and "our side in New York will inform them that our gates for dialogue is always open."

However North Korea criticized the South authorities for the first time after Korea-U.S. summit, saying, "The South authorities caused warlike atmosphere such as commanding emergency alarm and keeping numerous police and army under a state of emergency taking the visit of U.S. President George.W.Bush. as opportunity."

Choi Sung Hong, minister of foreign affairs visited Lee Hoi Chang, the chief of GNP, to explain the results of Korea-U.S. summit."

Government will reinforce the effort for resumption of North-U.S. dialogue and persuade North to solve out (conflict of the North-U.S.) through dialogue."

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