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Scientific Forum of Korea Human Rights Foundation

Posted February. 25, 2002 09:25,   


`Conference for human rights 2002` which is being held by Korea human rights foundation (KHF) (Shin Yong Suk, Chairman) at Seoguipo KAL Hotel in Seoguipo city, Cheju, laid stress on minor discrimination matters in each field of society besides violence of human rights by terrorism and anti-terrorism.

Also human rights matter related to Internet and life technology was deeply mentioned keeping participant`s interest.

Han Sang Jinc (Sociology), professor in Seoul National university pointed out in his keynote address "Terrorism and human rights.", all terrorism is anti-human, however war on terrorism which is opposite also can`t be defined as safeguarding human rights and "war on terrorism which U.S is conducting can cause violation of human rights such as discrimination of particular religion or people."

Jo Sun Kyeong (Gender Equality), Professor in Ehwa Women University stressed in keynote address, `Mythology of difference and realism of discrimination`,

"The fact that discrimination by age, sex and physical condition is naturally accepted underlines our perception to be still of 1960`s."and " society should open the way for social participation to minors through human rights education."

Jeong Yeong Hwa (Law), professor in Seokyeong University highlighted human rights matter on internet and stressed, "I think it is controlling human rights of teenagers, who are isolated utmost by shutting down internet sites for runaway teenagers or homosexual lovers." and "Freedom of expression of thought is basic human right which should be carried out on internet more strongly."

Kim Dong Gwang, representative of `science generation` said at subject representation of `social issues on using information of human heredity`, "recent dispute regarding stem cell of human embryo shows that public participation is required for the direction of biotechnology and research" and "the matter of biotechnology, ethics and human rights can go forward only be achieving social practice and public participation besides experts."