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Economic Circle Wishes for Thrifty Election

Posted February. 23, 2002 10:56,   


The Federation of Korean Industries, a representative economic organization in Korea, officially declared that it would not provide any illegal political funds for the local government election and the Presidential election this year.

FKI held its 41st general meeting participated by 261 members including Chairperson Kim Gak-Jung at FKI Center in Yoido and adopted a resolution that it would not provide any `illegal` political fund.

Deputy Prime Minister Jin Nyum stated that "the government will support the economic circle to concentrate on its business, being free from the unreasonable demands of political funds from the political circle. Every single line of the resolution hits the crucial points of the problem."

FKI urged the political circle for thrifty elections and to control scattering pork barreling policies and unreasonable demands at its `Resolution of Business People` comprising two articles; `Resolution for Autonomous Actions of Business People` and `Wishes To Society`.

In addition, the Korean Economy Institute under FKI revealed its plan to set up 24 projects in 9 fields of society including politics, administration, judicature, and Inter-Korean relationship.

The participants of the meeting includes Chairperson Kim Gak-Jung, SK CEO and President Sohn Gil-Seung, Hyoseong CEO and President Cho Seok-Rae, Chairperson of Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairperson and CEO of Korean International Trade Association Kim Jae-Chul, Chairperson of Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business Kim Young-Soo, and Standing Vice Chairperson of Korea Employers Federation Cho Nam-Hong.

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