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[Editorial] Is That a Personal Problem of Lee Soo-Dong?

Posted February. 23, 2002 10:56,   


The money that former standing committee member of the Kim Dae-Jung Peace Foundation For Asian Pacific Region Lee Soo-Dong seems to turn out a bribe rather than `a pocket money to return` insisted by Mr. Lee. When Financial Supervisory Commission began investigating on the stock price manipulation of a Lee Yong-Ho`s affiliate in March 2000, Mr. Lee Y.H. gave 50 million won to Lee S.D. to cover up the case.

Since the investigation of the Special Prosecution is still going on, the details have not been revealed yet. However, considering that Mr. Lee Y.H. was excluded from the investigation of FSC, the solicitation of Mr. Lee Y.H. seems to have worked. And there is no other way to explain it than the influence of the KDJPF`s executive. In brief, KDJPF has controlled the national administration behind.

It is a shame that, despite of such clear circumstance, Cheong Wa Dae and NMDP argue it as a personal problem of Lee Soo-Dong. An official of Cheong Wa Dae said yesterday that "it is doubtful whether the attempts to directly connect Mr. Lee to KDJPF are appropriate if his activities as an executive of KDJPF are not problems. It is not appropriate either to argue as if Mr. Lee could connect to the President."

In short, it is not an understandable remark. What does it mean by that the activities of Mr. Lee as an executive of KDJPF are not problems? Does it mean that Lee Yong-Ho gave such big money to `a person Lee Soo-Dong` not an executive of KDJPF to request for solicitation for covering up the investigation of Financial Supervisory Commission? Regardless of whether the money flew into KDJPF or not, KDJPF cannot escape from taking its responsibility by the fact that its executive took bribe.

Following the logic of Cheong Wa Dae, the nephew of the first lady who was arrested in relation to the `Lee Yong-Ho Gate` the chairperson of NMDP`s supporters` association, and some Senior Secretaries to the President who had to leave the office due to other Gates are all who had simply personal problems. They probably happened to have a commonality that they were close to the President or actual powers of this administration. What a coincidence! Anyone can explain it?