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Culture Ministry, “Deteriorated LORP Bill”

Posted February. 23, 2002 10:56,   


Ministry of Culture and Tourism expressed negative opinion regarding revised bill of `law on the registration of periodicals`, which 27 members of ruling and opposition party like Shin Jae Gwon, member of NMDP submitted to NA on 8th and said that careful discussion is required.

MOC introduced Sim Gyu Chul, member of GNP belonging to Culture and Tourism Committee in National Assembly, with regards to `composition of editorial committee and reinforcement of legislating edition regulation` among revised bill, which he submitted as documentary, "main developed country choose regulation of edition by press`s own freedom and operates, however, only Australia regulates as free advice article at `media law`."

In addition MOC stated, "MOC thinks that our country also requires careful discussion, considering various opinions in connection with composition of editing committee and legislation of obligation of editing regulation."

MOC also pointed out saying, "to report every matter to management like circulation, subscription fee to minister of Culture overlaps with submission data to tax authorities, therefore, various opinions from press field, academic world, and NGO etc should be applied sufficiently regarding the range of data, which should be reported and the reason for obligation of report."

MOC gave opinion with regard to article of prevention from free providing of periodicals, saying,"as there is criticism that it means entire prevention on charged paper, therefore, concrete range and method how to supply non-charged paper should be investigated more clearly, that is, regulated in President`s order."

MOC stated in connection with restriction on press`s share saying, "there are two opinions such as agreement in which restriction of share should be strictly limited in order to make it independent from owners or millionaires and objection which can violate the right of private property guaranteed at institution." and "above all else, social agreement should be priority and careful investigation is required."

Jeong-Hun Kim jnghn@donga.com