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Traveling through Jungle Following 2-Meter Wide Road, `Fascinating`

Traveling through Jungle Following 2-Meter Wide Road, `Fascinating`

Posted February. 21, 2002 09:17,   


It was really light like wind.

What I held in hand except some simple weight was only one travel guidebook.

However I can say that this travel was `big fortune` because I could obtain `different experience+real fun` due to `smart travel strategy`.

(I felt uneasiness at the start of travel).

The flight for Ho Chi Min departed two hours late due to heavy fog and it finally landed at local airport at 1:00 A.M (flight time-5 hours).

I was worried whether pickup service from hotel, which we reserved, might be cancelled, however; fortunately, Korean resident who received the message welcomed us.

Thereby, `late landing` to Ho Chi Min was successful anyway.

We felt uneasy in the taxi while going to hotel, but the Korean resident who was listening to our `reckless` plan gave the real information about the travel.

He might have been hopeless or concerned with our plan.

Of course, the information was fertilizer to success of our travel.

Shin café provides cheap and simple meal and it is in the street of Paurau, which is the street for Packsack travelers.

However, Shin Café is famous for travel agency rather than cafe.

It has become `reception room` for packsack travelers as it became famous and now it is developed as travel agency along with café.

Guides are 40 aged male Vietnamese who are fluent in English.

The reason why traveler should go to Shin Café is because of bus system.

I was under the false impression that we were in Korea.

∆ Ho Chi Min City Tour= 8.00 A.M~4.00P.M. We had a look at French style Notre dam Catholic Church that was built in the colonial period of France, Central Post Office, War Museum exhibiting photos of disastrous scenes of war and weapons at `U.S embassy at Jeonju wall` which is symbolic building of Fox Americana, which they used to hate utmost in the morning.

We looked around China Town and big wholesale markets such as Vin Market and Bentan market etc in the afternoon.

▽ Guchi tunnel and Kaodai temple tour=8.30 A.M~6.00P.M

Guchi tunnel is a huge underground tunnel that shows the reason why U.S couldn`t defeat Vietnam.

Vietcong excavated the tunnel under the river whose length is several hundred kms and they endured America`s attack by hiding in this tunnel and used to launch surprise attack anytime and bothered U.S.

Kaodai temple is the biggest temple in Vietnam and has extravagant architecture that is collected from various religions such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shamanism, Christianity and Islam etc.

▽ Mito and Mekong delta tour= 8.15 A.M~ 6.00P.M

The downstream of Mekong River, which was not far from Ho Chi Min city, was muddy, however its view, harmonized with neighboring palm trees, was excellent.

There is water tour where travelers take motorboat from embarkation point and go to plantation farm at Mekong delta.

Travelers taste fruits and take ferryboat which ferryman rows and travel through jungle, which is full of palm trees following 2.3 m wide water road.