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“Current Government Has Been Dragged by the North, It Is Only Red Guard of Kim Jong-Il”

“Current Government Has Been Dragged by the North, It Is Only Red Guard of Kim Jong-Il”

Posted February. 20, 2002 09:26,   


The National Assembly held a general meeting with the lawmakers of GNP and ULD only for the interpellations in the Unification, Diplomacy, and National Security area.

Rep. Park Seung-Guk argued that "even though the total amount of the North Korean aid during this government amounts up to 1.16 billion dollars including the Mt. Keumgang Tour fee, the government has been led by the North. So, people call the DJ government `the Red Guard of Kim Jong-Il`."

Rep. Hyung Seung-Il (GNP) asserted that "the government lost its independent voice after the Inter-Korean summit in 2000 and has been used for the North`s political propaganda. There is no reason that President Kim sticks to the Sunshine policy that damages the Korea-U.S. alliance and has only been used for the political propaganda and the business of the North."

He also questioned for the government measures, quoting a monthly journal that reported "a book published by the Korean Teachers Union, titled `Unification to Revive this Nation` is full of a friendly understanding of the North and the contents stimulating the hatred to the U.S."

Rep. Hyun also said that "the book describes that the point of the Korean war does not lies in whether it was Southward invasion or Northward invasion rather it is important to understand that the Korean Peninsula was devastated by the war and the U.S. and Japan profited from the war." He asked "such pro-communist education to the young generation is fit to the purpose of the Sunshine policy?"

Lee Nak-Yeon, spokesperson of NMDP, commented, "the `Red Guard` remarks of Rep. Park is reckless and making us to suspect his concept of nation." NMDP will request for the elimination of his remarks from the Assembly`s record and for the reprimand of him to the ethics committee of the National Assembly. NMDP did not participated in the general meeting, demanding for the official apology of GNP leaders for the interruption of the Rep. Song`s interpellation on 18th. NMDP will file a lawsuit against GNP lawmakers including Reps. Lee Kyu-Taek, Kim Moo-Sung, Yoon Doo-Hwan, for the violation of the official conducts, and presented a bill for a reprimand of Rep. Lee Kyu-Taek to the ethics committee of the National Assembly.

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