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Admission of Tie Score Applicants in Hanyang Univ. Stir

Posted February. 20, 2002 09:26,   


Hanyang Univ. created a stir by deferring the admission of the applicants who got same score contrary to the list of entrance requirement that it passes all applicants of tie score on the passing score. Hanyang Univ., on the 19th, confirmed the admission of 110 applicants in the selection for medical school in 2002 school year, which are 2 persons less than the quota of 112 persons, as some passers gave up registration.

And Hanyang Univ. announced that it would not collect additionally, as there are 65 tie score applicants for the vacant 2 posts.

To this decision, the applicants and their parents insisted, "the list of entrance requirement says that all the applicants of tie scores will be admitted, as all department introduce fluid quota system. Therefore, the applicants of same score should be admitted regardless of plenty of applicants."

An official of Hanyang Univ. said, " It is discretionary power of Univ. to select students by fluid quota. If we admit all the 65 applicants, it would have bad influence on schooling. And as just 2 persons are in need, we are not going to collect additionally."