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Arraignment of Mr. Lee Suk Hee Might Be Delayed.

Posted February. 19, 2002 09:20,   


Ministry of Judiciary (MOJ) stated that Mr. Lee Suk Hee`s, ex -deputy director of the National Tax office, arraignment might be delayed as expected on the 18th.

Official in MOJ said "it is difficult to estimate when Mr. Lee will be arraigned as there is trial of extradition for arraignment as well as many complicated procedures are involved like final decision of U.S. ministry of State, which has no exact period."

Mr. Lee is supposed to take identity questioning at Grand Rapiz State Court in Michigan, U.S. on the 19th at 13:00P.M (KST 20th, 6:00 A.M).

MOJ stated that it issued arrest warrant for Mr. Lee during South New York state court trial of extradition.

According to MOJ, a trial of extradition in U.S.has no period until it reaches conclusion and it should finish as single trial and there are no repeated procedures.

Secretary of state will decide finally his arraignment, however, there is no certain period from judgment till decision of arraignment, MOJ explained.

MOJ official said, "if Mr. Lee requests a trial for his arrest or fight a trial of extradition by choosing a lawyer, it is not sure when he would be arraigned."