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[Opinion] Lady Barbara Bush`s Dinner Party at Cheong Wa Dae

[Opinion] Lady Barbara Bush`s Dinner Party at Cheong Wa Dae

Posted February. 19, 2002 09:20,   


`Reminiscence of Barbara Bush`, mother of George.W.Bush, U.S President, published in 1994 contains one anecdote about her official visit to Seoul with her husband President George Bush in January 1992.

"President Noh Tae Woo prepared huge cake at a dinner party for National Guests to celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary.

President Noh Tae Woo sat on my right side and oooo on my left side.

I asked oooo whether oooo could speak in English.

Then oooo said exactly quoting `I cannot communicate with you`.

And oooo closed the mouth. I heard English at least.

I remembered that Korean partners do not utter even single word in English."

(Lady Barbara, mentioned the designation of oooo clearly, of course)

Lady Barbara herself might have felt stuffy since she couldn`t speak in Korean as well as nobody talked to her in English.

As we experience often we can imagine various things about opposite person and can even misunderstand.

In last year talks, Seoul and Washington couldn`t communicate with each other.

Washington D.C. was mentioning about conventional arms and human rights of North Korea for a long time, however, Korea government was looking only at Pyongyang.

Korea was deaf by Sunshine policy and the U.S. was out of senses because of terrorism.

Both countries couldn`t communicate with each other honestly and used to speak only diplomatic rhetoric`s like somniloquy and, finally, misunderstanding and disbelief piled up.

When declaration regarding reconciliation, non-aggression and exchange co-operation between the North and the South was blowing like `spring wind` in Korean Peninsula in January 1992, the atmosphere was similar to when President Noh and U.S. President George Bush had summit in Seoul.

President Bush showed cold response, "peace can`t be maintained by promise on the paper" unlike Korean government that was buoyed up as if reunification have been achieved.

The hostility of U.S.G.O.P.C`s (GRAND OLD PARTY) administration regarding North Korea system has deep roots.

His son, President Bush is coming to Seoul today.

Speech which the two presidents will deliver at exclusive dialogue`s and expansion summits` has been disclosed already through press conference before President Bush`s visit to Korea.

President Kim Dae Jung will agree to judgment and concern of U.S. on the North Korea`s WMD matter and President Bush will affirm Korea’s sunshine policy.

Two presidents will promote that North Korea should begin dialogue soon for the peace of Korean peninsula.

However nobody will think that listening to those kinds of evident speeches will cure the basic difference and conflict between the two countries on the North Korea.

It is in fact difficult job to harmonize blood intimacy of brethrens and compatriots and strict view of the U.S that is sensitive on interests.

No matter how the U.S. defines North Korea as ‘the axis of evil`, the view of Korean government is difference from it.

How much can this summit narrow this kind of difference in viewpoint?

Each opinion is same as it is.

Though the U.S emphasizes dialogue with North Korea, the contents and color of it is completely different from Sunshine policy`s dialogues.

Korea consider the dialogue with the North itself can be helpful for the peace of Korean Peninsula, however, the U.S declares not to have dialogue for dialogue.

How on earth two countries Korea and U.S will promote the dialogue with the North with such an essential difference?

The resistance of President Bush that should send conventional arms behind cease fire line and improve human rights is, however, not important contents of sunshine policy.

Korean government is recently showing interest on the matter of North Korea due to the U.S. high voice.

There is no difference that peace and stability in Korea Peninsula is the utmost priority to Korea and the U.S.

The most important method that can maintain peace and stability is alliance and co-operation between the two countries.

Recent conflict can be settled by extravagant smiles, handshakes and diplomatic rhetoric`s of two summits.

Nevertheless, frankly speaking, point of contact for conflict is not visible.

`Rhythm` with each other was hardly contrary like this.

If it goes on like this, there might not be stern alliance and co-operation.

President Kim and President Bush should find a solution for this matter through this summit.

It doesn’t mean that they should make a conclusion of every matter at once.

It means that sufficient communication, which can harmonize `rhythm` of policy on North, should be made even if overnight.

If there is frank dialogue like that, this summit will be evaluated as success.

Nam Chan Sun (Editorial writer)