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[World Cup] Stronger… More Stronger…

Posted February. 19, 2002 09:21,   


A hope for the first tournament of the new year has change as a frustration. It was the Gold Cup tournament that Korea recorded 4th place with serious problem of capitalization of goal. Did Korean soccer go back to the beginning? `No` is the majority opinion of the experts who watched the games. They evaluated that Korean team dominated the ground and the organizing ability was perfect up to the `last scene` of a striker`s shooting chance.

After the tournament, the Coach Hiddink said with confidence, "If we cannot make goal chances, it is a big problem. But we made several goal chances for each game, The only thing we have to make up is the capitalization of goal." Also the Korean soccer team`s chronic problem of defense insecurity was solved, and it is a part of strong background for the optimistic view.

After the Korean team allowed the first goal, it performed exclusively offensive play and allowed another goal by counterattacking. However, building a `total defense system` including the middle fielder and striker since the end of last year, the team showed the strongest organizing ability compare to the previous national teams.

Korean team`s keys to enter into `the round of 16` are to secure the capitalization of goal, the rapid change of offense and defense, a good striker, and an intelligent playmaker who can catch the competitor`s off guard.

The solution is not easy because the available players are limited. We pay attention to Hiddink for this reason. As a conductor produces various harmonies with an orchestra, a coach can create various strengths through a combination of the same resources.

When the Korean team performs a wonderful team chemistry of the 11 players under the direction of Coach Hiddink after 100 days, `the round of 16` will open its gate to Korea.