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Lee Bum-Kwan, New Seoul District Prosecutor General, Arranged a Meeting…

Lee Bum-Kwan, New Seoul District Prosecutor General, Arranged a Meeting…

Posted February. 07, 2002 09:36,   


Special Prosecutor Cha Jeong-Il is considering summoning former Prosecutor General Shin Seung-Nam soon in relation to the suspicions about the pressure to suspend the investigation.

Mr. Shin S.N. played golf with Lee Hyung-Taek at a golf course in Yong-In on September 2nd when the Central Investigation team of the Supreme Prosecution`s Office arrested Mr. Lee Yong-Ho.

Lee Bum-Kwan (Incheon District Prosecutor General, newly appointed as the Seoul District Prosecutor General) arranged the golf game at Lee Hyung-Taek`s request.

The Special Prosecution team (SP) will question how Mr. Shin learned that his brother received 50 million won from Lee Yong-Ho and whether he was solicited to suspend the investigation.

SP called Lee Hyung-Taek again and questioned him on whether he requested the suspension of the investigation to former Prosecutor General Shin through Kim Sung-Hwan (51), a close acquaintance of Kim Hong-Up, the second son of the President. SP also questioned whether Mr. Lee lobbied through other channels for the suspension of the investigation.

Meanwhile, District Prosecutor General Lee Bum-Kwan explained that "I have known Mr. Lee Hyung-Taek for quite a long time since he went to the same high school with me. Also, when I was a senior security to the President for Civil Administration, he was under my supervision. So, we went out to play golf as usual and never had a discussion about the Lee Yong-Ho case."

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