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U.S. “Will Talk If NK Ceases Missile Development”

Posted February. 07, 2002 09:36,   


The U.S. toughened its stance against North Korea, saying that the `axis of evil` is not a mere figure of speech, but North Korea criticized the U.S. for its `double-rules` about issues like missile policy.

At the Senate diplomatic committee public hearing, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said, "President George W. Bush was not `rhetorically exaggerating` when he referred to North Korea, Iran, and Iraq as the `axis of evil`. President Bush pointed out that these regimes are dangerous, and it is not enough to just call them `dangerous`."

Powell also said, "(about the `constituents of the axis of evil`) Need for action does not mean immediate war, or that we are going to attack somebody. If they cease their terrorist acts and feed their people, instead of developing and exporting missiles, we are ready for dialogue." He also emphasized the point of engaging in dialogue with North Korea that "If North Korea decides to come to the table, South Korea and we are ready to resume dialogue at any time. The ball is in the North Korean court."

In response, NK’s governmental Central Broadcasting Station criticized on the 6th saying, "The U.S is talking about prevention the proliferation of missiles, but it is silent about the missile threat posed by its allies like Japan. It is making trouble only about the missiles of enemy states."

North Korean Foreign Affairs spokesman criticized the U.S. by mentioning the fact that Japan launched a new rocket, second H2A , and insisted, "The U.S. is trying to use the missile issue for political purposes to destroy its opposition states."

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