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Aggressive Promotion of `Actual Adoptee System`

Posted February. 07, 2002 09:36,   


Han Myung-Sook, Minister for Gender Equality (MGE), reported work plans to President Kim Dae-Jung at the Cheong Wa Dae on the 6th that the MGE will raise Korea`s rank in the U.N. `Gender Equality Measure` within 30th place worldwide by year 2007 through aggressive utilization of power of women and expansion of women`s sphere of activity by participating in politics and providing childcare.

According to the work plan, MGE will promote △ step by step increase in support for childcare △ use of private centers or religious facilities △ activation of installing office childcare facilities △ developing various childcare services for toddlers and children after school or in the evening △ improvement of training system for childcare staff for reinforcement of childcare policy.

Currently, women make up only 4 percent of government officials, and `employment target system` which aims to increase the number women officials (above 5 grade) to 10 percent in departments by 2006 will be recommended.

In order to lead women managers` training in private company, an award for `home-friendly companies` will provided by the national economic body.

The MGE plans to improve current headship in the family by introducing the `actual adoptee system` in which a child who is adopted or lives with a remarried family can inherit the family name of the adoptive parents.

In addition, national investigation of the real condition regarding industrial sex slaves and revision of `prevention law for brothel` will be promoted.

On the other hand, President Kim said, "The biggest obstacle to woman`s social activity is childcare. We will strive to resolve the childcare problem this year."

President Kim also advised MGE to promote three projects: △ childcare facilities △ increasing woman`s participation in politics △ contributing to the World Cup.

Young-A Soh sya@donga.com